Helmet Handout Happiness

Helmet for you, helmet for you, helmet for you, and even you.

Despite the bitter cold temperatures, the Troy's Run: Helmets for All 'Helmet Handout party' was a large success. Of the 128 helmets ordered, we sent over half of them home on the proper fitted heads.

The other half are still in boxes, as not everyone could attend.

So where was everyone else? 

If you weren't able to attend the event held at TA Elite Fitness Centre on March 7, 2014, don't fret, we're having another party. The date isn't picked out quite yet, as we're trying to find a time all of our wonderful volunteers can again get together to host such a detailed event. We'll let you know when a decision is made, it won't be a long wait.

I'd (Troy) love to be able to hand out these helmets to the many folks who pop in to my fitness centre each day, but I just can't. If you signed up for a helmet in 2013, You must attend a Troy's Run Helmet Handout Party to get it. We have to follow these rules for many reasons, and it helps keep all paperwork in order. 

Thank you for all the great support the past few weeks, and remember to DONATE TODAY. We want to continue this program for a long while, but must increase our donations to support this great cause. We're a Volunteer based group, and we're changing the landscape of Brain Injury Awareness, one step at a time. Help save a life, today.