Troy's Run: Back On The Trail

We've started the month of December on a good running note. 

December 2, 2014 after a 6 month hiatus, we returned to the Fanshawe Park Conservation Area and I was able to reconnect with the areas top looped trail. Why the 6 month hiatus? It's a 3 hour round-trip, and I can't sit in the car for too long without driving my wife crazy. The flats of SW Ontario roads have been my mileage takers. 

It's neat to look back on the past 6 months and realize in that timeframe, I've run an average of 100+km's a week. With those numbers, is there any questions as to why I lose my mind over the boredom of running along this areas roads (we need trails!).

I brought along my GoPro for today's run in London. It's a 20km loop and is the home for the bulk of my trail training come winter and spring in preparation of my Ultra Marathoning season (Spring/Summer/Fall).

I'm still working on locking down a new shoe sponsor - today I ran in a bulkier shoe that I'm not used to running in, BUT it was ok - I made out fine. I'm searching for a minimal drop shoe (minamilist approach) with a bit of cushioning for the rocks/stumps I seem to find along the way.


With that, here's the photo journey from the run. For more - head over to my personal Facebook page (and 'Like' the Troy's Run page here) as well as Troy's Twitter feed (and Troy's Run Twitter feed)

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