Troy's Run: Celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Month

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

We want to thank all of you for the support you've given us, and we hope you join us in moving forward, and helping keep our great organization at the forefront of ABI Awareness.

We have a very busy month ahead, so please be sure to check out our schedule of events listed here Troy's Run Events

A big thanks to all those who helped make Troy's Run presents Head Games the Film @ the Kineto Theatre in Forest, ON June 4, 2014 a success. Although we didn't have a full house, those who attended were treated to an incredibly educational experience. Each person has shared with me how much the movie has 'opened their eyes' to abi awareness. We want this trend to continue so if you would like to host Troy's Run, and a viewing of the award winning Documentary 'Head Games', please contact us

Here's a message we received from Kara, who watched the film, along with her young son. 

"Thank you for sharing Head Games last night. Every coach, trainer and parent needs to watch this. Many people around me do not understand the consequences of a concussion to our young children. I too was unaware and found it very difficult to get the help I was looking for when my son suffered a head injury this past winter. I took him to emerg twice and they were not helpful. They seem to have little knowledge on concussions. Troy gave me more info then any professional. Our hockey organization discussed getting a concussion protocol this year. I believe this would be extremly beneficial to the coaches and parents. Concussions need to be taken more seriously. We need to start talking and educating people more on this serious issue. I commend Troys Run Foundation on the work they are doing to educate the public and to help keep our kids safe. Knowledge is power. Keep up the great work!!!"
- Thanks Kara! 

With June being such a busy month, I have to go and prepare for a great weekend at the Kiwanis Bike Rodeo happening in Forest, ON at the Lambton Shores Recreational Centre. This event is listed in our Events section.

I hope you have a great week!!