Troy's Run Is Back Online

H-O-B-Y (to the tune of YMCA), over and over again.

This jingle stayed with me all weekend, as my family travelled from the beautiful farming community of Ridgetown to London, London to Toronto, Toronto to Guelph, and then back home. It certainly was a busy few days, and can provide you with a mirror image of how busy our life can and has become. No complaints here though, I love this stuff. As for the ‘HOBY’ intro, I was honored to speak to a group of youth leaders while in Ridgetown, ON, as part of the annual HOBY Conference for this region – and I left feeling inspired.

For the past year, I gave myself a forced break from the constant needs of blogging and staying connected, and allowed myself to focus on my running, my career, Troy’s Run Foundation building blocks, and most of all, my newly formed family. My wife, Amy, deserves a world of credit for all she puts up with, day-in and day-out, she’s there to support me, and our great organization in Troy’s Run Foundation.

In the last year, I’ve averaged at least one speaking engagement per week. From schools to service clubs, social clubs to church gatherings, brain injury conferences and even a few private functions, all at the low cost of $0. You see, I made a promise to myself and TEAM when we started this organization that I would make myself readily available to anyone who wanted to learn more about my story, our story, and Brain Injury as a whole. All we ask for is a donation in kind, to Troy’s Run Foundation Benefiting Brain Injury Awareness. So, with each passing week, our voice become stronger and better known, our schedule fills quicker, and our lives then become busier. This is the commitment I made to our organization and cause, and it’s one I will keep.

Troy’s Run Foundation Benefiting Brain Injury Awareness is a volunteer run organization, whose purpose is to enhance the lives of the families, friends and those living with an acquired brain injury. It’s no small task, but it’s a challenge we love to take on. With our busy schedule, we ensure Troy’s Run Foundation stays on the front page of the news and allows people to see that we are here for you.

On more than a few occasions in the past year, I’ve had friends and followers approach me to share their new story of how brain injury now affects them or someone they love. A child falling off a GT snow racer, a fall on the backyard rink, the public skating incident where two youth collided and both bonked there unprotected heads. The stories continue to flow in to us, and most all are preventable incidents.Unless you’re willing to change and start protecting your brain, the youth, our future generations, will continue to suffer these preventable incidents. They’re not going to want to wear a helmet if you don’t, whether it be on ice, or on the bicycle, rollerblading through town, or going ‘for a rip’ on the ATV. Accidents don’t happen, mistakes do. Prevent one from happening, by being a leader, and protect your head – you never know whose watching.

With warmer temperatures surely to come soon, I’m in the final weeks of race preparations for Ultra Running Season. This year, I’m lucky enough to be running the first race of the season alongside my wife. It will be her first Ultra marathon 50 mile distance. We’ll both be running in support of Troy’s Run Foundation. I’d like to run in the Canadian North, and am trying hard to muster up a plan that works both financially and responsibly. With a dense population, the pre-planning becomes much more detailed then our first major run (2012) in which I ran across Canada, east to west.

If you’d like to help out with the next adventure or volunteer at any upcoming events, please

Special shout out to all my running clients, who will be representing Troy’s Run in the upcoming races their taking part in as well.

I plan on blogging a lot more this year, with a goal of weekly postings. For daily updates, be sure to follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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***Upcoming Troy's Run fundraiser : Troy's Run presents Head Games (Award winning documentary) at the Kineto Theatre in Forest, ON - June 4, 2014. STUDENTS GET IN FREE

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