Troy's Run: Receiving National Award From BIAC

I want to thank everyone for the support and congratulations the past few days. It's such an honor to receive this award from the Brain Injury Association of Canada - and being recognized for my work in furthering Prevention & Education in Brain Injury certainly is a nice feather to add to my cap. 

With your continued support, we are becoming one of Canada's most recognizable charity organizations in Brain Injury Awareness, through HOPE, Prevention and Education. Your support is needed now, more than ever, so we can continue to fund our great initiatives like the 'Helmet for All' campaign (Spring/Summer) and the 'Enhanced Baseline Testing & Concussion Symposium' which is currently underway (Fall/Winter). 

Please consider a donation today, to help keep HOPE alive, in the lives of those living with acquired brain injury. Every dollar goes to support these great initiatives. To donate, simply click the link and follow the instruction, OR mail us. 

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Here's video of Lambton-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley's opening remarks at the 2014 Brain Injury Association of Canada's Award Luncheon, held in Gatineau, QC, Sept 25, 2014.

It was a great honor to not only receive this award, but to also be presented with Document of Recognition from the Government of Canada. Thank you!

Here's some photo's from the event.

L to R - Amy Adams (+1), Troy Adams, MP Bev Shipley

L to R - BIAC Executive Director Harry Zarins, Troy Adams

Here's a shot of my great friend, co-worker, and mentor Mrs Arden McGregor (Brainworks Rehab) who received TWO awards from the BIAC. Earlier in the day, she presented her presentation of 'HOPEtherapy' to a roomful of Therapist. Learn more by clicking the link (Brainworks Rehab)

Standing alongside my beautiful wife Amy Adams (+1)

My brother Tyler Adams alongside his sister in law, Amy Adams (+1) 

Holding a straight face around us is a tough job... We had a lot of fun together. Tyler lives in Ottawa, and we were so happy he could join us to celebrate the day.

We finished the day with a trip to the CBC building in the Nation's Capital. No trip to Ottawa is complete without a visit to one of my closest friends, Ryan Garland. Pretty cool fact: He's decent at his job, and works as a Promo Producer for both Ottawa & Montreal CBC Bureaus. Shoutout to the Garland Service Centres, looking to repeat as Champions at the Annual Powassan FHT.