Troy's Run: School Touring Begins

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This past weekend, I (Troy) was lucky enough to attend the Kiwanis Bike Rodeo, in partnership with the OPP based out of Lambton Shores. As the Officer's checked for hand signals, I would ensure the helmets were fitting properly on the heads of those in attendance. 

It never shocks me to see kids wearing a helmet, it does however still get to me, when I see children wearing a helmet that doesn't come anywhere close to fitting properly. It's alarming really, as these youth are our future. I'm here to help, not hinder you - let me help you ensure the helmet on your childs head fits correctly, and if you're in need of a new helmet, please attend one of our upcoming 'Helmet's for All' events and we'll gladly get you fitted for a new one. 

Remember: Don't wait until it's too late!

BIG NEWS: Have you picked up your latest edition of the Forest Standard? Troy's Run has a full page story!!!! Read it, and let us know what you think! We'd love the feedback.

On Wednesday we made a visit to East Lambton Elementary School in Watford. Summer Safety tips was the topic of discussion. Thanks to all in attendance and to the two gentlemen who did a great job of assisting with my presentation. With the partnership of Brainworks Rehab in London, ON - we donated two books to the school, 'Casey's Journey of Hope'. The story of a caterpillar who undergoes unexpected changes, first into a cocoon, then transforming into a beautiful butterfly (similar transition of an ABI survivor). 

On Thursday, we were at Bosanquet Central School. Similar to our discussion with students in Watford, we focussed on Summer Safety Tips, and also showed students our video of my Cross Canada Run (2012). We donated two books to Bosanquet, and they'll be added to their already excellent Library for students and staff. 

This Saturday, I'll be helping out at the Relay for Life in Forest, ON. I've been asked to help with warm up and stretches - and that's just what I'll do. 

I'll touch base next week with you - and hopefully have more updates about our school tour.

Remember: June is Brain Injury Awareness month!! We need your support to continue with our very popular 'Helmet's for All' campaign, where we put a helmet on everyone in need, all we ask - is for a donation in it's place.

For pictures of this past week's events, click here.

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