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The two week taper has begun for both myself and my wife Amy. Sulpher Springs 50-mile race takes place May 24 in Ancaster - and we'll both run in support of Troy's Run Foundation. You can donate to either one of us, by clicking that yellow 'DONATE' button located at the top of this page. The two week taper, means that we're done filling our weeks with mileage (until race time), and focus on some smaller runs to keep the legs and lungs active during there recovery period. The goal is to go into the race, with 'live legs', fresh from a few days rest. 

This coming long-weekend, we'll be supporting some runners who are taking part in the annual Watford-Alvinston Annual Road Race. I have a few clients taking in the race, each of who support our great organization. Good luck to all runners running either the 16km or 8km races! Maybe next year I'll structure my racing schedule to include this awesome race. This year, it's again not an option - as it's only one week away from my seasons first Ultra.

This past week, myself and Lisa (Secretary/Treasurer) took part in the Brain Basics program, offered in London, ON. The program was hosted by OBIA and BIA of London & Area. It was a great course to continue our growing education within brain injury awareness - while soaking in the stories shared by our great instructor and the many fellow survivor's who attended. I wanted to make special mention to Lisa, who scored the highest in the whole class on her pre-test score. This was a test given to all attendee's, and we were told, "you're meant to fail this test". No surprise to me, Lisa scored a passing grade! She's so passionate and smart in this subject, it's no wonder she's such a pleasure to work alongside at our volunteer organization. 

REMINDER: Troy's Run Foundation presents: Head Games. This award winning documentary will be shown Wednesday, June 4th at the Kineto Theatre in Forest, ON, at 7pm. 

Troy's Run Presents: Head Games

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


Kineto Theatre, Forest, ON

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I'm pleased to announce a new partnership has been made between Troy's Run Foundation, Dr Michael Hurley and his great TEAM at Middlesex Spine and Sports Clinic.

This great organization based in Mt Brydges, ON, gives us a one-to-one working relationship with Doctor's who work with Concussion Management. 

I wanted to share some big news, on a personal level, to wrap up this blog post. Two things actually; Lisa has graduated from her PTA/OTA program and has accepted a position to work in the field of Long-term Care. Lisa will continue to be a leader with Troy's Run Foundation while expanding her career with this great opportunity.

I've accepted a position with Brainworks Rehab - as a Rehab Assistant, working towards Rehab Therapist. This is a position I've worked very hard to attain, and couldn't be happier to be given this opportunity. Brainworks Rehab is a dynamic team who's a leader in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Again, this opportunity will allow me to grow my knowledge in the field - while offering even better insight to our great organization at Troy's Run Foundation.